SafetyGo is a mobile application that has the aim of increasing the survival chances thanks to a precocious care of the victims. Thanks to its localization system, the first responders that are nearby can receive notifications in order to act quickly. Waiting for the emergency services, they are in charge of doing the life-saving procedures to the victim. 


SafetyGo was born in 2015. Created by Ganème ASLOUNE and Mehdi BOUDJEMA, two professional firemen, SafetyGo responds to one vocation: save as many lives as possible. 


Middle 2016, while the two founders were having lunch with some friends, a young woman choked to death near their restaurant. Unfortunately, their collegues couldn’t arrive in time… Yet, if they had known about the situation, they could have saved this woman

This is the origin of SafetyGo, an app for everyone that links first responders with the offcial rescue services. The aim? Act quickly to the assistance of the victims. Remeber, 1 minute less is 10% more of survival chances!

Help us saving as many lives as we can and join the community of first responders. 



An idea that represents a turning point in the history of emergency relief.


I see in this application a simple and effective way of doing something tangible, it's here, it's now and it's simple.


I sent an e-mail to report an error, I received a call after an hour for further information (...). I would  like to congratulate the technical support staff for the rapidity. Perfect application. 

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