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  • What types of intervention can I be alerted for?
    You can be alerted for different types of intervention, everything depends on what we established in terms of using with our partners. We invite you to get the information directly from your services. The intervention types can be: - Cardiac arrest - Injuries - Malaise - Traffic incident - Assistance to people - Hemorrhage - Suffocation - Visual assistance - ...
  • What's a PSAP?
    A PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point) is the entity that allows the call and manage the first responders during an intervention. PSAP code concerns only the first responders that are linked to a partner organization.
  • I don’t have any first aid diploma, how could the app SafetyGo be useful to me?
    Without a first aid diploma you can add, check, modify and report the points of interest on the map, such as defibrillators. You can also receive informative alerts on the newsfeed about prevention and safety. These alerts are sent by the partner emergency services or SafetyGo.
  • How long does it take for the diplomas to be validated?
    We try to validate diplomas within 48-72h. Thanks for your patience.
  • How many intervention levels are there?
    There are three intervention levels: - Base level, called "citizen"; this level includes people trained or not in life-saving gestures. They can be alerted only for certain types of intervention. They have an important role in the application and help often as support, renforcement or confirmation. - Intermediate level, called "first responder"; this level includes people trained in life-saving gestures as vounteers through their company or for private use. They don't practice regularly the first aid gestures. - Advanced level, called "professional rescuer"; this level includes health workers, actors of public safety and trainers in life-saving gestures who daily practice them.
  • How many score levels are there?
    There are no limits to pass to a higher level, you just need to earn enough points. Every level has a number of points that increase depending on the level. Level 1 – 300 points Level 2 – 600 points Level 3 – 900 points Level 4 – 1200 points Level 5 – 1500 points ...
  • How does the point attribuition system works?
    Account: - 100 points for having entered your name - 100 points for the surname - 100 points for the bithday - 100 points for the e-mail - 100 points for the telephone number - 100 points for the profile picture - 100 points for the postal code - 100 points for diplomas/professional cards - 200 points for having entered 5 contacts to prevent in case of emergency AED: - 100 everytime any time I enter a defibrillator - 50 points evrytime I check a defibrillator Intervention: - 200 points everytime I take part to an intervention
  • Do I have to leave the application open in the background?
    No, it is not necessary to leave the application open in the background to be geolocalized. However, it is recommended to keep it open from time to time for a better geolocation of your position.
  • I am a minor, can I be alerted by emergency services?
    No, minors can't be alerted by emergency services. However, if you are a vounteer fireman, you can be alerted.
  • I am a minor fireman, can I be alerted by the emergency services?
    No, minors can't be alerted by emergency services. However, if you are a vounteer fireman, you can be alerted.
  • What happens when I click on the button "I'm in danger"?
    When you click on the button "I'm in danger" it redirects you to the SMS section of your mobile phone to send a pre-registered message containing a link with you geographic position to the contacts you have registered in the application.
  • Am I geolocated when I call with the button "Emergency call 112" from the mobile application?
    Yes, if you call with this button you are directly geolocated from the platform SafetyGo.

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